TAO - Take Action Online & The Simple Traffic Blueprint (STB) of Philip Borrowman

Take Action Online (TAO) is a Marketing Online Coaching Site hosted by Philip Borrowman, the site creator himself.

Philip is a former baker and bar manager who turned his attention to "making money online" back in 2012. After years of buying shiny objects and scammy products, he finally cracked it and started to build an online income. Now he has pooled together his methods and strategies to teach others a genuine, down to earth and real way of building an online business. No hype, no "secret untapped resource", just honest and down to earth training. 

Click here to visit the website and learn more about TAO  https://takingaction.online/ 

 Inside TAO - Take Action Online

You can find the well-organized brief videos from getting started, walkthrough, and the 20 steps of learning the honest way to build a genuine business online. TAO also provides case studies to enhance individual learnings, collection of webinars, and strategy guides. There are also coaching and tutorial videos easy to use and easy to comprehend. The website looks very attractive in its simplicity of layout using color combinations that are soft to the eyes. It appears in a WYSIWYG manner creating a peaceful impact on your mind, not topsy-turvy, not messy, and not wishy-washy.

Below is a quick look at the member's area. TAO offers an affordable one-time membership fee to access and watch the following learning videos below. The videos are about the Simple Traffic Blueprint, a system created by Philip Borrowman about honest and genuine business online.

Click here to visit the website and learn more about TAO https://takingaction.online/

Philip Borrowman as IPOOPCASH


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In this short clip, Philip discuss what you need to change in order to make money online. 

Learn to build an online business as an affiliate marketer.

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